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  • After payment, you must complete and send a form (briefing) in which you will fill in the necessary information to prepare each meeting, within the contracted periodicity.

  • A professional with a background in Graphic/Web Design will attend the meetings to answer your questions and give instructions to improve your company's sales.

  • If you have references and examples to help prepare for the meeting, including your brand, website, social media and disclosures that your company already has today, send them to us via Whatsapp.

  • You can record the meeting and write down everything you think is important.

  • The service provided entitles you to 1 (one) meeting of up to 60 (sixty) minutes per item added to the cart.

With the form in hand, we will evaluate the content and, in case of doubts, we will contact you via WhatsApp. The briefing form must be sent within a maximum of 10 days.


  • The creation, edition or vectorization of arts, brands, logos, characters, icons and texts are not included.

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