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Email Marketing art creation and sending

You will receive the email marketing art ready to use in your preferred delivery system. If you want to, you can share access to your system and we'll create the art of email there to make your life easier.

How does it work?

  • After payment, you must complete and send a form (briefing) in which you will fill in the necessary information for the contracted creation.

  • A professional Graphic Designer will create or assemble the contracted art (s). To use your own images or logos, send them in high resolution (preferably vectorized).

  • A professional with a background in Marketing will create or edit the necessary text (s). To use your own texts, send them typed and proofread. If you prefer to count on our help, you can include the services of creation and in your cart proofreading of texts.

  • If you have references and examples to use as inspiration, after completing your order send them to us via Whatsapp.

  • The service provided entitles you to 1 (one) email marketing art per item added to the cart. You may, or may not, include the email send along with the art creation, since you have a valid email marketing sending system hired and configured in your server.

  • Up to TWO FREE change requests per order are allowed. If you need more changes, you can find out how it works and include it in your cart by clicking here.

With the form in hand, we will evaluate the content and, in case of doubts, we will contact you via WhatsApp. The briefing form must be sent within a maximum of 10 days.

You will receive the materials within 5 (five) working days after confirmation of payment and submission of the briefing form.


  • The creation, edition or vectorization of brands, logos, characters and/or icons is not included.

  • llustration, photography and or image editing of products and/or services are not included. We may use images from Grimpo's partner image banks, but we are not allowed to use copyrighted images from search engines or social media sites (Google, Bing, Instagram, etc.).

  • The connection and configuration of the email sending system with your server are not included.

  • Costs related to the system for sending bulk emails are not included.

Delivery times may be longer if you add more than 1 (one) item to the cart.

If you need urgency or if you are going to hire editorial works (books, catalogs, magazines, etc.), click here to confirm availability of deadlines before finalizing your order.

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