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Execution A professional with a background in Marketing will attend the meetings to answer your questions, give instructions and help create a strategic plan to improve your company's sales. You will receive a document with a summary of that plan.
Necessary Information After payment, you must complete and send a form (briefing) in which you will fill in the necessary information to prepare each meeting, within the contracted periodicity.
Delivery Information With the form in hand, we will evaluate the content and, in case of doubts, we will contact you via WhatsApp. The briefing form must be sent within a maximum of 10 (ten) days. You will receive the materials within 15 (fifteen) working days after confirmation of payment and submission of the briefing form. Delivery times may be longer for editorial items (websites, blogs, long texts for booklets, etc.) and if you add more than 1 (one) item to the cart.
Quantity The service provided entitles you to 1 (one) meeting of up to 60 (sixty) minutes per item added to the cart, which will take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly, according to the frequency chosen by you. You can record the meeting and write down everything you consider important.
Not included The creation, edition or vectorization of brands, logos, characters and/or icons is not included. llustration, photography and or image editing of products and/or services are not included.
Printing and Colors We will use a color scale suitable for printing (CMYK). Despite this, there may be variation in the printed colors, according to the equipment of each printing plant and its monitor or screen. Printing services are not included. You can count on our help for any technical adjustments requested by your preferred Print Shop.
Urgencies If you need urgency or if you are going to hire editorial works (websites, e-commerces, books, catalogs, magazines, etc.), click here to confirm availability of deadlines before checking out.

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